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Small friendlist cleanup

Hey all; I did some cleanup today of the friendslist. I am NOT one of those people who just removes people because they don't post much, or haven't posted in a while, or that I don't talk to much. I'm happy to have friends on teh intarwebs. However, I do occasionally clean out people that have not friended me in return and I haven't seen them posting much public stuff.

If I've removed you in error, please let me know. Thanks!
Now that I've been eating vegetarian about 90% of the time for about a month, I'm feeling pretty good. I'm pretty used to not eating meat, but still will if I feel like eating it. It's definately helped a few health problems I've had (namely, my digestion).

I'm finding myself looking more critically at restaurants. While eating vegetarian, restaurants tend to fall into two buckets:

-I can find something passible but might be kind of "meh" by it (sometimes prompting me to engage in that 10% of meat eating).
-Vegetarian friendly (I would happily go just for the vegetarian options).

I decided after a 16.4 mile bike ride, I wanted some mexican food. Mexican food can be one that could fall into one or the other, and I'm never sure which one a particular restaurant will fall into until I'm there.

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Making chili is like sex

No, seriously!

-Variety is the spice of life.
-It doesn't have to be all hot all the time.
-It's good to get surprised sometimes.
-It's ok if it's rough.
-Don't be afraid to experiment.
-If something starts burning, you probably should have worn protection.
-If you get something in your eye, wash it out promptly.

That all being said, I'm going to go find a way to get my habenero fail off my face because I'm a dumbass.Whoever it was on Vent last night who said all you have to do to make chili is sit around drinking beer and stirring clearly needs to make this chili...


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