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Den of the Assassin Weasel

CrackFerret's Journal of Life and General Hyperactivity

Assassin Weasel
7 November
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I'm a geek, a dreamer and a cynic at the same time, inherantly believe that humans start out not as good but as a clean slate that is neither one or the other. I'm a writer, aspiring drummer, health nut, and gamer. I believe in second chances and redeption, but also that there's only so many chances a person can get. I believe that people can change. I believe in what goes around comes around. I positively hate drama and I can't stand people that cause drama for the sake of drama. I try to be bullshit free and prefer my life to follow suit.

I'm married to the most awesome hubby in the world, who is always supportive and believes in me no matter what crazy stuff I come up with.

I love way too many things in life and sometimes feel like life's just too short to get it all done. I spend too much time on my computer, and it's something I'm trying to get away from, as I am in front of it all day long at work. I try to keep it to catching up with friends, news, working on the novel, and some video games (I can be found on Lord of the Rings Online as Riorean et all on Silverlode).

I've started the long process of putting a novel together; much of it is based on some writing I've been doing with my best friend xanath the last few years. It is going very well and I am very passionate about it. If you get me going about my characters, I may not shut up for weeks. It's quite crazy.

I love drumming, Dance Dance Revolution, weightlifting, bellydancing and hiking. I came to drumming through a pretty convoluted process in which I struggled to find my musical identity and tried to get myself playing instruments I wasn't entirely suited to. I didn't have much in the way of encouragement where music was concerned growing up so I came to all this very late in life. I tried guitar (suck), harp (slightly less suck), and violin (slightly less suck than harp), and nothing ever really clicked. I started watching a drummer friend of ours play, and thought, damn, I want to do that. He showed me some basics. I bought a kit and a book and tried to go to town. That didn't go well. Finally, I think everyone got tired of me being a lot of talk and not a whole lot of action and my husband told me to go sign up for lessons already. So I did that. And I love it. Been playing over three years now.

I developed a strange random passion for EMS; it's very possible I'll become a volunteer EMT at some point. In truth, I would love to go do something like that full time, but bills and real life currently leaves me working at Microsoft (a job that I do love and am happy doing, at least!). In the meantime, everyone has adjusted to me being able to identify the local ambulances. I'm sufficing for now with first aid and participating in my local community emergency response training. It can't hurt, the way things are going in the world.

I have too many animals, I really watch what I eat most days, I can't sing for shit but I sure do try in the car when I'm alone, my hair has been black, purple/blue, and reddish blonde in the last number of years (not in that order, and some more times than others), but I've found it's too annoying to maintain so now I'm back to blonde with some pink mixed in. Until it becomes orange... :D